Job Overview

Job description

The following are the main projects that the company is working on: pharmaceuticals, FMCG, banking, solar energy, fashion, etc.



  • Digital design in a range of formats, including 2D, album, motion graphic clips, 360 images, and so on, depending on the goals (increasing branding awareness, increasing conversion performance, trendy humor).
  • Design for social media platforms such as Facebook Fanpages, Tiktok, Youtube, Zalo, and Instagram.
  • Various platforms: landing page, website, etc.
  • Design marketing materials such as brochures, banners, infographics, catalogs, standees, and so on.



  • Participate with the design of new pitching projects for the company (key visual, concept, look & feel, ..).
  • Meeting with customers and discussing their creative demands.



  • Improve your artistic and design skills by training.
  • Actively seek out and utilize global creative trends.



  • Working experience at an agency/client.
  • Learning to draw (wacom) and sketching ideas.
  • Experience in web/UI/UX design.
  • Experienced in building brand identity, key visuals and concept.

Skills, And Abilities

Job requirements:

  • Education: Graduated from College, University majoring in Art, Graphic Design,…(FPT Arena is an advantage).
  • Working experience: At least 1 – 2 years of experience working in the design industry at an agency/client.
  • Attitude: A strong sense of responsibility and dedication about the job, as well as proactive decision-making and a powerful desire to succeed.
  • Have a personal laptop to work on actively.


Professional skills:

  • Expertise in video design and editing software such as Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and AI…
  • Have a solid understanding of advertising, art, and design concepts such as concept, layout, typography, color, and so on, and be able to apply them to both ideas and designs. 
  • Have good aesthetics and a modern design language.
  • There is no requirement for fluency in English (just basic English to find source design).


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Job Overview